Angus, Ginger, Tracy and Scotty at the Albany Dog Park

"It's the biggest dog park in the world" Tracy said when we were discussing options for her portrait session with her husband Scotty and their two dogs Ginger and Angus.  Being relatively new to the dog world in San Francisco, I was a bit skeptical but I'm always up seeing new places so we agreed to meet at Pt. Isabella in Albany.  More exactly at the Sit and Stay Cafe which I think is one the best cafe names I've come across.   Tracy and Scotty are super nice and Angus and Ginger couldn't have … [Read more...]

Photos from the House with Glass Floors

I received an email from a new client late on Friday asking if I could photograph a friend of her's Birthday party on Saturday. No problem I say - Lucius would already be down so I wouldn't be leaving Sue high and dry with a potentially cranky child. Debbie (the client) mentions that the hosts Jim and Anne can throw quite the humdinger so I should be prepared. Well Debbie was correct - not only was their recently remodeled Bernal Heights home super cool (how many places do you know with … [Read more...]

Wedding tip – Easy way to write great vows

This is for all the couples struggling to write your vows. Sue and my difficulty with this was almost comical. Hate may be slightly too strong a word, but suffice to say we were not too fond of each other's opinions regarding the vows.  We struggled for a while for sure.But somewhere between the thoughts of "I can't believe he/she wants me to say that" and "could I be any cheesier?", we came up with the following approach. I share this because our vows ended up so special, that they are … [Read more...]

Wedding tip – a place just for you

This is my very best wedding tip. Somebody told us this and since I never read it in a wedding book, I feel compelled to share it with other couples.Between your ceremony and reception, after all the photos and before the drinks, spend 15 or 20 minutes in a room that you have set aside just for you. Drink some water, have some wine, get bite to eat and generally take in what you just happened (Holy Blankity Blank was our reaction). Ladies (and some gents), you can take a moment to refresh … [Read more...]

North Beach Afternoon with Glenda and Seth

For all you photographers out there, when someone says "let's meet in North Beach and check out a couple record and book stores."  Say "what day and time" with out hesitation.  That's what Glenda and Seth suggested to me for their portrait session and honestly I really didn't know what to expect.  We met at Cafe Puccini (the location of their first date) and then proceeded to the most random record store I have ever seen.  Top floor was packed to the gills with stereo equipment from the 80's and … [Read more...]

Grateful for Jeny’s Gratitude Party

My neighbor Jeny Smith not only is a rock star real estate agent with Hill and Company but also throws one heck of a party.  For her annual Gratitude party she booked Fritz's in the mission for several hundred of her clients, business partners and friends.  In her words she "wants to create a community of people that support each other being successful in business and in life".  So she invited all the people that have contributed to her success in the past 7 years and asked each of us what we … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Crying Babies

Inevitably in any family portrait session, the little ones will start crying.  The children will either get tired, stub a toe or just not get their way.  Most of the time, the parents get anxious or nervous and try to sooth the baby.  Usually, there is a "I can't believe he/she is acting this way."  That's natural of course.  But as a photographer, I think those are some of the best opportunities for memorable photographs.  There is something so real, so gut wrenching about seeing a photo of a … [Read more...]

Jacobson Family Session

Twice this week, I worked with very good friends.  This time it was the Jacobson Family - Catherine and Aaron and their children Chloe and Ben.  Such a good time.  Chloe always keeps me on my toes - when I asked her if she could show me  places around their San Francisco home to photograph she quickly replied - "Sorry, I'm too busy."  Good news is that when I asked her to shake her head like a movie star, she didn't miss a beat.  And Ben is just a big bundle of love.  So happy - even if he was a … [Read more...]

Trip to Northstar

Put the photo business on hold for a day last week and went skiing at Northstar with my Aunt Kelly and my cousins - Kaitlyn and TJ.  Leaving San Francisco at 4 am made for a long day but it was worth it.  We went up as part of a school trip.  Kaitlyn and TJ took lessons in the morning and then we all skied together in the afternoon.  They did great considering they have only skied/boarded a few times.On a side note - snow photography is tough.  Have to juggle the angles, the light and the … [Read more...]

Heidi’s 40th

One never knows what to expect when you are asked to photograph six ladies celebrating a 40th Birthday party in San Francisco.  I met Heidi and her crew at the W Hotel in SOMA.  Unfortunately rain and traffic limited the shoot but we had a great time none the less.  I was only there for the first hour of the festivities but I'm fairly confident that they would have a night to remember.A few photos below and the complete gallery here (password required). [nggallery id=67] … [Read more...]