Shadow fun in San Franisco

Shadow of man proposing to his girlfriend in San Francisco

Follow any of my family or engagement photography and you know that I love playing with shadows. My shadow proposal photo remains perhaps my most talked about photo. So I get a lot of requests for different shadow shots. But for anyone that has tried these types of shots, you know they aren't easy. To get something that works, you have to have the right lighting, the right background and most importantly, the right people. And honestly, I've had little success trying to recreate that … [Read more...]

Weekly Workshop – Wide angle with Analise in the Mission

This week I wanted to accomplish two things - explore a neighborhood and work on my wide angle shots. I generally gravitate to highly cropped shots in my portraits. I like the connection with the camera/audience that cropped shops provide - especially when photographing families and children. But one always must try new things I forced myself to shoot wider and capture the surroundings. And I had the perfect subject. Little Analise is an explorer and living right of 24th st in the mission … [Read more...]

Grateful for Jeny’s Gratitude Party

My neighbor Jeny Smith not only is a rock star real estate agent with Hill and Company but also throws one heck of a party.  For her annual Gratitude party she booked Fritz's in the mission for several hundred of her clients, business partners and friends.  In her words she "wants to create a community of people that support each other being successful in business and in life".  So she invited all the people that have contributed to her success in the past 7 years and asked each of us what we … [Read more...]

Hope, Josh and Little Issac

Hope and Josh are amazing  - climbers, skiers, surfers, campers and all around good people.   They are pretty much up for anything and more times than not are leading the charge for a camping weekend in Yosemite or a surf trip to Baja.   And their little one - Issac - only seems to have heightened their resolve to get out and experience the world.  Definitely an inspiration for all of us parents that have may have slowed down a bit since having kids.I met them at their house in the Mission … [Read more...]

Sports Basement Block Party

Hard to believe its been two years since we opened the Sports Basement on Bryant.  But since, this was our second anniversary party, it has to be true.  Thanks to everyone that came out.  The jumpy tent, fire truck and face painter got loads of attention.  Props to the Sports Basement staff for making this happen and creating an event that is becoming part of the Mission/Portero Hill summer happenings.All photos can be see here. … [Read more...]