Photographs of the Bone Family and their Amazing Baby Blues

Bone Family Photographs in Marin-3

I met the Bone family at their home in San Rafael (North of San Francisco in Marin).  They were hesitant to shoot there because they are remolding the house and it is still a work in progress.  But I re-assured them that it would actually be nice to photograph the house as it is.  After all they will look back at these family photographs in 10 and 20 years and remember what their life was actually like.  As it turns out, Phoebe - their beautiful 8th month old baby girl - is so cute and has such … [Read more...]

A Neighborhood Stroll with the Beautiful Bryand Family

Bryand Family Portrait Photographs in San Francisco-7

Brooke Bryand is an awesome child and family photographer here in San Francisco so I was really excited when she asked me to photograph her with her husband Dave and Cal, their beautiful baby boy.  We decided on taking a stroll around their old haunts in the Marina district.  It was a blast.  We got coffee, had doughnuts, shopped for Ipads at the Apple store and they even found time for a few romantic moments in the neighborhood garage.   They are one good looking couple and Cal is a super … [Read more...]

Kruse Family Portraits

Kruse Family Photographs San Francisco-3

I last photographed the Kruse family about a year ago. Pretty amazing to see how much Lili and Gracon have grown in that time. Gracon is now walking and starting to talk and Lili is a big girl rather than a toddler. Of course certain things haven't changed - Lili still loves posing for the camera and Gracon has the same inquisitive look he did as a baby. We photographed in their inner Richmond home and at mountain lake park. I think my favorite photograph is Michael in his "command" chair. … [Read more...]

Alex, Rachel and Baby Clementine – Alameda’s Newest Family


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing Alex and Rachel for a maternity session when Rachel was 8+ months pregnant.   They were fabulous - super relaxed, clearly in love and looking forward to the arrival of Clementine.  We had a great time and you can see the those results here.We talked about the benefits of doing the post baby-shoot sooner than later.  Of course no one knows how life changes after a newborn comes home so I was surprised when I got the "Clementine was born!!" … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Crying Babies

Inevitably in any family portrait session, the little ones will start crying.  The children will either get tired, stub a toe or just not get their way.  Most of the time, the parents get anxious or nervous and try to sooth the baby.  Usually, there is a "I can't believe he/she is acting this way."  That's natural of course.  But as a photographer, I think those are some of the best opportunities for memorable photographs.  There is something so real, so gut wrenching about seeing a photo of a … [Read more...]

Harris Family Session

On Sunday, I met with Jamie, Chris and Caden - their most adorable 6 month old.  Caden has long black hair and a great big smile that looks just like his dad's.  The temperature dropped about 20 degrees that day so we cut the park shoot short to keep the little guy warm.  But I have to say, I'm almost glad that happened because it forced us inside where their love for the baby and each other came bubbling out. … [Read more...]

NOPA Gingerbread House Party

Today I played staff photographer for the NOPA Little Ones's Second Annual Gingerbread House Party.  The event was funded by donations from local businesses and a First5 grant.  I can tell you from all of the smiles and pretty fabulous gingerbread houses that this was money well spent.  As you'll see in the pictures the kids had a great time but I'm pretty sure they were more interested in the candy and frosting than the structural stability of the houses.  However there there some parents that … [Read more...]

Double the Smiles – Riley and Leah session

Yesterday, I had the opportunity for my first session with twins.  Kathy and David have darling 14 month old twin girls - Riley (in red and white stripes) and Leah (in the brown polka dots).  We met at Walter Haas Park in Diamond heights - an absolutely gorgeous park with a huge view of the city sky line.  The girls were great - full of energy and determination.  But they were much more interested in their bottles and cheerios then taking pictures so the photos took a little finagling.  Kathy … [Read more...]

The House of M (aka the Linberg Family)

Yesterday I met a wonderful new family for a holiday card session.  Mandy and Mike have a beautiful 3 month old daughter Mckenna.  And to keep everyone safe and sound, there is Murphy the yellow lab that I'm pretty sure would stop any intruder with his big brown eyes.  We had a great time in their beautiful Glen Park home.  We got some nice family shots but in the end Murphy and Mckenna stole the show.  The little one clearly si surrounded by people (and dog) that love her.A few samples … [Read more...]

Gift ideas from a photographer and for a photographer

For anyone looking for photo gifts there are the basics:Standard Family Photo Products - Prints, books, calendars Less than standard photo products - mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, magnetsBut if you want to get creative, this out side of the box:A year in photos - hire a family photographer to meet you multuple times throughout the year.  Best way to create albums and calendars for gifts and keepsakes Grand Parents photo session - instead of just giving pictures to them, have … [Read more...]