What you need to get your Groupon – a photographer’s perspective: Joey Chandler – San Francisco Portrait Photography

To Groupon or not to Groupon - that is the question. At least that is one of the questions going around photography forums in the past few months. Groupon offers an amazing opportunity but it also presents some very real challenges. I thought I would present my experience with Groupon in the hopes of helping people get a better understanding if it is a good choice for them and if so, be successful in their efforts.  One thing - I'm not going to discuss the details of my contract with them.  If … [Read more...]

Weekly Workshop 2 – Exposure in bright light

With the days getting longer, I thought it prudent to practice photographing in bright sunlight. I met Erin and her two fabulous sons Logan and Miles at the Golden Gate Park Playground in San Francisco. It was a beautiful, bright afternoon so it was perfect. I shot in manual with my 85 1.8. And to reduce the "I'll take care of that with photoshop" thoughts, I shots jpgs instead of RAW. I worked on reading the photographs via the histogram and changing the settings with out moving the camera … [Read more...]

Nopa Little Ones and Music Together

Sunday was the monthly playgroup for the Nopa Little Ones.  How these parents find time to organize such amazing events, I'll never know.  This time we were at the Brahma Kumaris Center for Music Together classes.  There must have 50 children plus their families all singing, dancing, pounding on drums and shaking bells.  Lucius and I stayed there for both sessions and it was really nice to see him go from nervous observer (he literally sat in the hall way most of the 1st session) to participant … [Read more...]

Cheryl, Vijay and Baby-to-be in Alamo Square

Cheryl and Vijay are something like eight and half months pregnant and I have to say they are doing extremely well - happy, relaxed (for the most part), and clearly working together.  I really enjoy seeing a couple that is so connected as they are.  Not only does it make a make a maternity portrait session a joy but you just know that the little child will be well cared for and loved.   Serious congrats to them for not only their new baby (almost) but also for their new house.  They definitely … [Read more...]

Weekly Workshop 1 – Reflections in the Panhandle

I wanted to keep track of what I learned in my Weekly Workshop so I figured I would just blog about.Yesterday, as has been common place this year in San Francisco, there was crazy rain up until 4pm.  Rain was so heavy in fact that I had tentatively canceled the practice session.  But the sun popped out so I ran down to meet Annika, Loden and baby brother Shael in the Golden Gate Panhandle.  I was there to practice reflection shots but Loden was there to fish.   Cutest thing - he kept handing … [Read more...]

Myles in the Mission – Classic San Francisco Portrait Session

This portrait session goes down as one of the great lessons learned - always be ready and never give up.Saturday started off as crazy rainy day in San Francisco.  Dark, blustery and definitely not a day for a family portrait session.  The Laffan Family lives right in the middle of the Mission - one the hippest neighborhoods in San Francisco.  Angela wanted a few photographs of little Miles as a child with the murals that decorate numerous buildings and alley ways in that part of town.We … [Read more...]

Doc Oliver’s First Birthday Party

On Saturday, I got to spend the morning with the Tran Family and 20 or so of their friends to celebrate little Oliver's first birthday.  We met for a Korean brunch at the Seoul Garden in Kabuki Shopping mall.  Oliver was there with his sister Shea and his parent's Amy and Owen.  Oliver was all styled out in his traditional Korean hanbok.  Amy and Owen were happy when Oliver picked out a stethoscope in his doljabi ceremony.  The stethoscope was laid out in front of him along with a baseball, $20 … [Read more...]

Jacobson Family Session

Twice this week, I worked with very good friends.  This time it was the Jacobson Family - Catherine and Aaron and their children Chloe and Ben.  Such a good time.  Chloe always keeps me on my toes - when I asked her if she could show me  places around their San Francisco home to photograph she quickly replied - "Sorry, I'm too busy."  Good news is that when I asked her to shake her head like a movie star, she didn't miss a beat.  And Ben is just a big bundle of love.  So happy - even if he was a … [Read more...]