Golden Gate Bridge & Bi-Rite Ice Cream – perfect San Francisco Engagement

Engaged couple kissing in the sea spray at Marshall Beach in San Francisco

Kristen and Jamie called me up and said "we are moving from San Francisco to Michigan in week and we need photos."   Turns out they are engaged and needed photos for the announcement and to show their families since they were moving back to their home town.  We talked about what would make a perfect last day in San Francisco and they knew the answer right away - A walk on Baker Beach under the Golden Gate Bridge, drinks in the mission, and ice cream at the world famous Bi-Rite Creamery.  A … [Read more...]

Shadow fun in San Franisco

Shadow of man proposing to his girlfriend in San Francisco

Follow any of my family or engagement photography and you know that I love playing with shadows. My shadow proposal photo remains perhaps my most talked about photo. So I get a lot of requests for different shadow shots. But for anyone that has tried these types of shots, you know they aren't easy. To get something that works, you have to have the right lighting, the right background and most importantly, the right people. And honestly, I've had little success trying to recreate that … [Read more...]

Surprise Engagement Photographs on the San Francisco to Sausalito Ferry

Man on one knee on the deck of a San Francisco ferry boat with a ring in his hand, looking up at a woman who has a look of surprise and excitement on her face.

"Yes!  Yes!  Yes!"Those words were said twice in the past week.  The first time when Creighton called me to see if I would be interested in photographing him as he proposes to his girlfriend.  I responded with the multiple "Yes's" since this was something that I have been wanting to do for several years.  I've done lots of engagement sessions in San Francisco but never an actual, in the moment, engagement session.  Creighton's plan was perfect.  He told Julia that they were going on a hot … [Read more...]

Engagement Photography – perfect for visiting San Francisco

An engaged couple sitting in a San Francisco Cable Car

This session combined two of my favorite topics - people getting engaged and people visiting San Francisco.  Marc and Leng were visiting from Singapore and want some engagement photographs in our fair city.  I love working with people visiting San Francisco because it reminds me how amazing our city really is.  I've said this more then once but people will save up their life savings to visit San Francisco for a week and it will be the trip they talk about for the rest of their lives.  And while … [Read more...]

Engagement Photography with a helping hand

Engaged couple hugging along the blue San Francisco Bay - San Francisco Engagement Photography

Leigh Anne and John's session for their engagement photographs was yet another example of the universe putting up a road block to steer you where you should be going.  We decided to meet at the Legion of honor so needless to say we were a bit worried when we showed up and saw the gate closed.  I have to remember that San Francisco museums are often closed on Monday's.  We talked about various options but nothing really clicked.  Since the sun was still rather high in the afternoon sky, I … [Read more...]

Melissa and Cappy’s San Francisco Engagement Photographs

Couple kissing near the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco engagement and wedding photographer Joey Chandler

During this most enjoyable engagement photography session all around San Francisco, Melissa and I had one of those "how long have we known each other?"  We ran in similar circles when we were in our "foot loose and fancy free" times after moving to San Francisco out of college (I'll spare the details on when that exactly was to protect the innocent).  We saw each other here and there over the past few years mostly when I was managing a sports store and she was training for a triathlon or two.  I … [Read more...]

Presidio Woods – perfect place for San Francisco child, family and engagement photography

Boy laughing at Robhill in the Presidio - San Francisco Photographer Joey Chandler

San Francisco's Presidio National Park is an absolute gem.  With Crissy Field and its numerous recently renovated paths and trails, it is literally the playground for a San Francisco's families and outdoor types.  Most people will know Crissy Field and Baker Beach with their fabulous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay.  And while those places make for beautiful photography, I am drawn to the more secluded wooded paths and trails that run through out the Presidio.  This lush … [Read more...]

A Perfect San Francisco Engagement Session

Photograph of couple kissing and walking in beautiful golden light in the Presidio

I wrote yesterday about almost causing an accident to capture a beautiful photograph for Alysse and Cody's Engagement session.  That was a special shot but by no means the only one for the session.  We visited Russian Hill, the Presidio and Baker Beach.  The weather was perfect and Alysee and Cody looked better and better at each stop.  Hard to believe that it's February. If their wedding turns out anything like their engagement session it is going to be one amazing wedding.  I really can't … [Read more...]

Most interesting place for Engagement sessions in San Francisco

Secret Romantic Spots in San Francisco

I want to know your best ideas for interesting and unique places for engagement photographs in San Francisco. Where are the places past the San Francisco Classics (Baker Beach, Crissy Field, Ferry Building) that you walk by and say "that would be a cool place for a photo." Think some combination of romantic, edgy, fun and memorable. You don't have to be engaged or getting married - just look for someplace interesting.Describe the place in a comment below and we'll do a drawing on Sunday … [Read more...]

Sofia and Jonathan’s North Beath Engagement Pictures

Sofia and Jonathan North Beath Engagement-11

I always love it when something unexpected happens that sends a photography session to a whole new level.  Sometimes its when the light gets just perfect or when you discover the perfect San Francisco view.  This time it was a moped.  Sophia, Jonathan and I were having a time making their engagement photos in North Beach.  They were clearly in love and the light was beautiful.  We could have ended it right there and gone home happy.  But then I asked "what is the one thing you really want with … [Read more...]