Family Portraits with the Andersons

This session started off a little rocky when we discovered our originally planned location was completely surrounded by a triathlon.  I'm all for spandex, bikes and transition bags but that doesn't make for the best family portraits.  Fortunately in San Francisco there are many options so we moved from Crissy Field to the Palace of Fine Arts.  And we new exactly were to go because Brad, who helps train pilots, has a crazy sense of direction.  Must be very helpful if and when they ever get lost.  … [Read more...]

Weekly Workshop 6 – Reflector and Asher

Yesterday I received my order for a "Lastolite 32" Tri Grip Collapsable Triangular Reflector, Silver / White, with Built-in Holder." Sounds cool and it is. It's a silver and white reflector with a handle and its sooo very easy to use. I've seen Ed Pignol speak twice in the past two weeks and these are one of his tools for getting great exposure in his photography. I gave it a try and am very happy with the results.Couple things that make it very nice:*  Very satisfying "thwac" when … [Read more...]

Huynh Family Portrait Session

On Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting Lia and David, their fabulous daughter Elyse and Lia's mom (Linda) and sister (Jenny) for a family portrait session in the Richmond district of San Francisco.   Elyse is just about two, super cute and just starting to use her words.  David and Lia are clearly loving parents and Jenny is going to be Elyse's favorite aunt in a few years.  But nothing beats the love of a grandmother.  So nice to see such a close knit family altogether.We photographed … [Read more...]

Lucius’s 3rd 3rd Birthday Party

Lucius's birthday is actually at the beginning of the month. But with our social calendar filled with trips and other parties, celebrating his birthday with his San Francisco friends wasn't an option until this weekend. Good news for him since this was actually his 3rd 3rd birthday party. Tough precedent to set since he has been receiving presents the entire month.Sue arranged for a fabulous party at the Bay Area Discovery Museum with 30 or so of our closest friends. Pretty amazing how … [Read more...]

Weekly Workshop 5 – Flash and White Balance

This week I met Elyse and her beautiful daughter Rose.  We were going to meet outside but a cold spring rain kept us inside.  Fortunately, they have a wonderful home in the inner Richmond of San Francisco so it wasn't a problem at all.  I continued my work with on camera flash and added in a white balance challenge.  A few days back I saw Ed Pignol speak at a PPGBA meeting (Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area).  He said that a key aspect of his photography (which is amazing with a … [Read more...]

Ultimate gift for the techy Mother or Father in your life

This is the year that you can absolutely blow the mind of your techy mom or dad for their special day.How about an Apple Ipad preloaded with images of your family.Instead of giving them a photo in a frame, you deliver professional photos of you and your family in all the geek glory of the IPad.  Not only do they get the ultimate techie gift, but its also personalized to them.Just imagine the look on their faces when they open it up.Pricing starts at $400 + the cost of the Ipad … [Read more...]

Blake’s Birthday Party

Lucius's nanny share buddy is Blake and Sunday was Blake's birthday. Tia and Jeff booked Accrosports for the festivities which is just awesome.  Accrosports is a real gem in San Francisco is perfect for any children I know.   They have swings, trampolines, balance beams and all sorts of things to play on.  Definitely a great place for kids and families. Lucius loves the place - especially the rope swing.  We had a wonderful time and from all the little bodies running around, I assume everyone … [Read more...]

Caroline and Paul’s Wedding

First and foremost I have to say thanks to Caroline and Paul.  They took a chance with me on their big day even though we had only met for a few minutes (their engagement session was cut short by rain and crazy bad traffic).  And of course there was the little detail about the fact that I had never photographed a wedding before.  So needless to say come Saturday morning, I think I was more nervous then either of them.But one thing I did know is that the two of them have a special … [Read more...]