Bettina, Ben and Sasha the dog – First time at Crissy Field

After living in San Francisco for almost 20 years (crazy its been that long), I forgot what it's like to have just moved here.  So it was fun to visit Crissy Field with Bettina, Ben and their little dog Sasha.  They have only been living in San Francisco for a few months so this was their first time in the park.  We talked about the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and all the things you can do in the park.  But none of us had as much fun as Sasha.  Apparently, Crissy Field has a plethora of smells … [Read more...]

What you need to get your Groupon – a photographer’s perspective: Joey Chandler – San Francisco Portrait Photography

To Groupon or not to Groupon - that is the question. At least that is one of the questions going around photography forums in the past few months. Groupon offers an amazing opportunity but it also presents some very real challenges. I thought I would present my experience with Groupon in the hopes of helping people get a better understanding if it is a good choice for them and if so, be successful in their efforts.  One thing - I'm not going to discuss the details of my contract with them.  If … [Read more...]

Angus, Ginger, Tracy and Scotty at the Albany Dog Park

"It's the biggest dog park in the world" Tracy said when we were discussing options for her portrait session with her husband Scotty and their two dogs Ginger and Angus.  Being relatively new to the dog world in San Francisco, I was a bit skeptical but I'm always up seeing new places so we agreed to meet at Pt. Isabella in Albany.  More exactly at the Sit and Stay Cafe which I think is one the best cafe names I've come across.   Tracy and Scotty are super nice and Angus and Ginger couldn't have … [Read more...]